Five of the Classic Spanish Beer Brands.

If you are planning a visit to Spain this summer holidays, Then I urge you to sample our five top-ranking beer brands while there. With these brands, you will not regret. View here for more info. In fact, Spain is popular for tasty meals, beautiful beaches and not to mention the lots of quality wine. You will be able to find quality wines and beers. It is important that you try out these lagers for the Spanish experience. Nevertheless, with a lot of choices at your disposal, it is somehow overwhelming to make the best option. Here are five of our best Spanish brands that you can try out.

First, check out the Estrella Damm beers. These are the most rated and cherished beers in Spain. It also happens to be the oldest brand of lager that was first produced in 1876. Notably, the Estrella Damm beers are famous in Spain as well as in Barcelona. Most appealingly, it comes in with a rich lager taste and is made from home produced malt. To discover more , click here for more.

Secondly, there is the Inedit beer brand. This is another Barcelona based beer that you can sample. Originating from Barcelona, the Inedit beer sleek black bottle has the best flavors that provide a classic and luxurious mood. You will be able to find this brand in an array of flavors such as in the form of orange, aromatic herbs, and licorice with a buttery and suave sensation. Therefore if you are into Barcelona Exclusive Private Tours or your vacation travels, consider this brand of beer for full enjoyment. To discover more, click here.

Another great beer is the La Virgin brand. This brand of beer is produced near Madrid. With this brand, you get to choose from various options such as a pale lager, a pale ale, and an IPA. For your vacation, this brand will provide you with a sweet and grapy taste. Amazingly, you can even visit their brewing firm for tours, tastings, beers, and food at their restaurant. You may click here for more info.

To add, you can also attempt the Cruz Campo Gran Reserva 1904. As the name suggests, this happens to be a classic lager. Also considered as a roasted lager, this beer has touches of citrus and florals all put together in this flavored malty savoring beer.

The last option is the Rosita Negra lager. This beer stands out due to the hints of citrus and fruits flavors used. This makes it famous for its fruity taste, and it also said to have traces of molasses. It then becomes perfect for a relaxing time with an excellent book on the beach or even at the dinner table. You will find this beer in categories of honey-colored ale, brown ale, or even in pale ale option.

Spanish beer is not only famous but also great. Attempt to try one of all of these when you get an opportunity.

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