All About Character Archetypes

Many people who are interested in literature will tell that there is a word that exists like archetypes. You will not have learned the meaning but this is, of course, the reason why you are on this platform. If you need to know the meaning; then it is very easy unlike what you could be thinking. An archetype is that common thing that recurs in both literature as well as art. This is where a character, symbol or a setting comes in as well as a theme. Here, we are going to specialize on character archetypes though. You are going to realize that the contemporary and classic character types usually appear in literature genres.

The the hero is the most common archetype that everyone is familiar about. In different instances, the heroes are I many cases also the protagonists. Heros can become protagonists, but it doesn’t happen that a protagonist turns out to be the hero. In the olden days, there is no instance where a female would be a hero but this used to be a position for men only. Also, women nowadays are the hero because the world is changing. In all instances, the hero’s motive is up to the good of every individual.

In many cases, the hero could have the aim to get to the good things but there are barriers which come in the middle. Instead, he will be coming through so many challenges before eventually coming getting to the main goal. The hero always ensure that the innocent and other characters do not get affected by what the evils plan to do to them. Another archetype is normally the mentor. The hero cannot work without having a mentor to help him out. It is only the aged who suit for this position. These individuals usually have a certain magical ability. The mentor is that person who knows almost everything and uses it to guide the hero.

Get to know more on an everyman which is a type of an archetype. The person who plays as an audience’s stand-in is known as everyman. This is just the normal individuals but in way, he/she passes some extraordinary situations. You can expect that in the center of a story, the everyman might turn out to be a protagonist or a figure of supporting. The the hero is the only person who controls situations and not the everyman.

The last but not least is the innocent. The innocent is usually meant to be both women and child in many cases. In every way, you will always find that the innocent are pure. Although they are pure, they might be distracted by situations of corruption and disputes. These archetypes are not stupid, but their moral goodness is what makes then look stupid.

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